Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Children of Days - face sketches

I actually think i'm getting closer to what i really want these guys to look like... They're in order of what day they are. I think i like this version of Sunday better, but that one probably hasn't enough Asian features. Of course, i'm still not sure if her mother should be Japanese, or if it was a more distant ancestor... I like the real squinty Monday. I took the ears off Tuesday and put 'em on Thursday so i could make him (Thursday) more muscular and still look as young as i want him to be (still going to grow into those things).

Children of Days - Monday painting

Here's a conceptual portrait painting of "Monday" from Children of Days. The glasses are new... I wanted to see how she would look in them. They probably stand out too much as is, but since she's an albino it makes sense for her to wear them (as she is supposed to be a phenomenal marksman and albinism would probably impair her vision in addition to making her photosensitive (hence the eye black/greese)). Anyway:

Monday, March 1, 2010


You know what word i haven't heard misused in a while? Kafkaesque.